We are part of the world’s largest, most creatively and strategically awarded agency network.

We’re on a mission to help brands play a more meaningful role in people’s lives. Everyone of us share the belief that when the truth is well told, it moves brands, businesses and companies forward. TRUTH WELL TOLD is the core of our strategic and creative springboard when creating breakthrough ideas and innovative experiences that make businesses thrive.


McCann in Sweden is a one-stop fully integrated marketing services agency with an offering spanning across all disciplines throughout the consumer journey. Creatively led, strategically driven.

McCANN Stockholm

Our communications agency. At the core helping brands play a meaningful role in people’s lives. Offering Communication Strategy, Brand Campaign Platforms, Branded Entertainment, Channel Planning, Content Creation & Production, Tactical Activation and Retail Marketing.


Customer experience agency. Where data, tech, UX and creativity meets. Offering Integration Strategy, Creative Technology, Brand & e-Commerce Platforms Customer Relationship Management, Digital Services development, Prototyping and Roll-out Management.

McCANN Live Studio

Right-time Studio for brands that move at the speed of culture. Creating and distributing branded content and other activities in an ever-changing media landscape. Offering Social Media & Listening strategy, Content Marketing, Content Coordination, Distribution and Impact Optimization.

Scandinavian Design Group (SDG)

Brand and Design consultancy, working with clients to define and package their products and services, offering Brand Strategy, Corporate Visual Identity, Web & Service Design, Packaging Design and Brand & Consumer Activations.


In Sweden we spend our days at the hayloft of the old stables in Sturegallerian at Grev Turegatan 11A, located in the heart of Stockholm.

Our family is constantly growing, and today we are 223 curious people working across the boarders in the Nordics. Visit online to find out more about McCann in Copenhagen, Helsinki and Oslo.

McCann Worldgroup, the creatively and strategically driven network we are part of, have been around for over a hundred years and our offices span across the globe. When needed we can call on any particular expertise to help and add value on assignments. For more information about McCann Worldgroup, please check out: www.mccannworldgroup.com

Our culture is the single most important thing to our success.

We believe in collaboration and transparency. And having fun! A healthy work-life balance is crucial to our amazing culture, and we know that the more fun we have together the better ideas. We share values and we try very hard to live by them every day. Yes, we are very tough on ideas but nice to each other.


# Have integrity Speak your mind with respect and honesty

# Love your client Be proactive and exceed expectations

# Be generous This is a team sport – give and get back without prestige

# Be brave No guts, not glory! Experiment, try, fail, try again and lead the way

# Be meaningsful make a difference for your client, for people and for the planet


We strongly believe that a close, transparent collaboration together with our clients is the most efficient way to achieve the best results. Our “Truth2Meaning” model is an agile work process where we use smart tools that together take us from the business challenges to the creative breakthrough solutions. To ensure optimization of the outcome of our creative work and bring our clients’ success, we are happy to invite all relevant internal and external stakeholders and partners to join us in our collaborative work process at any stage.

Unique access to relevant insights

To adapt to the new world and increasingly complex media landscape, we constantly keep ourselves updated on what’s happening in the world that surrounds us through research via McCANN Truth Central. The department consists of over 70 researchers and analysts covering the globe, working closely with planners in local markets. This way we are able to continually offer our clients relevant insights and effective marketing solutions that make their business grow. http://mccann.se/truths/


  1. We care as much about our clients’ business as we do about the work

    At McCann we believe that all our clients are of equal importance and have access to the same high level of expertise, passion and service. By always being alert to customer needs and work proactively, we pride ourselves in building strong, enduring relationships. We want to be the most important creative communications partner to our clients.

  2. We help businesses thrive

    All people working at McCANN are curious and passionate people that have genuine interest in your business and they are continuously updated on what happens in society and with consumers’ behaviour today. Nothing is more exciting than challenging the status quo and disrupt conventional thinking.

  3. We are a true Nordic network agency

    Being a strong partner across the Nordic market, we can offer team structures that are seamless and tailor-made for any specific needs. We don’t just know each other by names, but as colleagues and friends, and we have long experience of working successfully across boarders for both Nordic and global brands.