Truth about Politics

Did you know:

“75% of consumers globally would be prepared to give up some personal pleasure (chocolate, sex, alcohol, magazines or reality TV) for a month if it meant making politicians in their country more honest”

How do people today view politics, the media and the institution of government? More specifically, how much of the truth do they believe they get from their leaders and journalists? And what is their opinion of brands getting involved in politics? The relationship between truth and politics – two words rarely if ever used in the same sentence – has become even more complex in today’s intensive political communications environment. The Internet is bringing an entirely new degree of transparency to politics, putting higher pressure on credibility from higher authorities. When it comes to marketing, people say that they value truthfulness – both from politicians and consumer brands. However, they are even less tolerant of brands veering from truthful marketing than politicians. These represent some of many interesting findings in this study.

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