Truth about Wellness

Did you know:

“Globally, the optimal age to achieve wellness is 34 (although in Turkey it’s 23 and in Japan it’s 44), and people are twice as likely to agree that it’s easier for women to achieve wellness than men”

In many ways, the age of wellness is truly upon us. ‘Wellness’ is a concept so rich with possibility that it’s shifting from a perceived luxury to being considered a fundamental human right. Spending on wellness has doubled in the last decade, and will continue to grow at an impressive rate. There has never been a better time for brands to shape the future of wellness and to assist consumers in their quest to live better and healthier lives. The global interest in, and confidence about wellness is poised to impact everything about the way we live our lives – from the products we buy to the places we work and play. Truth about Wellness provides brands with strategies to navigate this emerging, yet incredibly broad concept. We have unpacked deep-rooted consumer behaviors and found where the opportunities (and perceived responsibilities) are for brands within the wider cultural lens. We interviewed 7000 people worldwide to determine, among other things, what wellness means to them.

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