Leftover dating

Lantmännen is an organization which claims a big responsibility for food and its production. One of the current problems is that a lot of food that is bought is thrown away. In Sweden we throw away every fifth shopping bag of groceries. This information bothers most people, both conscious consumers as well as responsible producers. Our mission here was to create a debate and an engagement to the issue, as well as giving a constructive suggestion for a possible solution to the problem.

Our insight and solution was as certain as it was statistically certified – in the country where every fifth bag of groceries is thrown away, every second household is also a single person home. That is why we created the campaign Leftover dating – a digital recipe bank where you can quickly and easily match your leftovers to someone else’s. A friend’s, an acquitance or a stranger’s. The idea was that you would be able to explore how well your leftovers complemented someone else’s and what you could potentially do with it together.

These news were communicated in print, outdoor on the streets, online, as well as through PR. Soon we received also outside help. After Aftonbladet, Expressen and P3 paid attention to us, posts followed on Huffington Post, Wired, LA Weekly and through hundreds of other forms of media. We don’t know how many people actually found The One but we do know that thousands of people leftover dated, Lantmännen’s message “responsibility from land to hand” was clearly conveyed and we received attention as well as engagement with the issue of food wastage.

That people all over the country began to leftover date was also noted by Språkrådet (The Language Council) who added Leftover dating to their annual word list. So, to sum it all up; we created both a new service, a new word and loads of needed attention on a current issue – both locally and globally.

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